Exercise With Mommy

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Exercise with Mommy videos unique?
We use fun graphic animation throughout all the videos to help keep the child’s attention and to incorporate the teaching of age appropriate skills during exercise routines. The workouts are short enough for Moms to fit into their daily schedule and also to keep children engaged. Exercise with Mommy was produced by a real Mom who utilized many of the same concepts of exercising to stay fit while working a full-time job, being a single Mom, and running a household.

Can I buy Exercise With Mommy videos in any stores?
Currently the only way to purchase an Exercise with Mommy video is directly through our website or via mail to Exercise With Mommy.

How long can I exercise with Back in Shape with Baby?
Back in Shape with Baby is designed for Moms with babies between the ages of 6 weeks and 6 months old. You can easily exercise with this video until your child begins to crawl. Even after your baby begins crawling, most exercises will continue to work. However, the weight of your child may make the exercises more challenging and when baby in the video is on a blanket, expect your child take off exploring! Many of the exercises you learn with Back in Shape with Baby can be incorporated into your daily activities and any time you are carrying your child.

Is Back in Shape with Baby safe for my baby?
Back in Shape with Baby has been reviewed every step of the way by many different professionals including an Ob/Gyn, a pediatrician, a family practice physician, a physical therapist, and others in the fitness industry. All reviews for safety have been positive. It is very important that you watch the introduction and follow all recommendations. All movements with the baby are always slow and steady. Make sure you have practiced the exercises and are completely comfortable performing them before adding your baby. If your baby seems uncomfortable or does not fit in the position shown, try modifications or place baby on blanket and continue the exercise alone. With all exercise programs, there maybe a chance for injury; hence you should always exercise at your own risk.

If I have had a Caesarean delivery, can I still do Back in Shape with Baby?
Yes! As with all Moms postpartum, once your physician gives you permission to start an exercise program, you can begin Back in Shape with Baby. This video will provide you with ways to help strengthen your core. You may only be able to do a few repetitions of each exercise until you can build up to the full set. It is important for you to incorporate shorter more frequent exercise sessions, since your body may fatigue quickly. Just start slowly and listen to your body.

Who can participate in Energize & Exercise with your Preschooler?
Energize & Exercise with your Preschooler is designed for Moms with children between the ages of 4-5 years old. Children within the age range of 3-6 years old can easily participate in the video, although some of the developmental skills may be slightly advanced for a three year old; and a six year old may not be quite as challenged by the learning elements.

What if my child doesn’t perform the exercise correctly?
Don’t worry! Children’s coordination varies greatly and they are very flexible. The videos are designed so Mom can get a great workout and spend quality time with their child. If the children are rolling on the floor instead of stretching, running around instead of doing jumping jacks, or just sitting and watching the video, then the video is doing exactly what it was designed to do. It is still getting your child moving and teaching the concept of exercise.

What do I do if I have more than one child?
If you have a newborn baby and an older sibling, you can still enjoy Back in Shape with Baby with both of your children! You can give your older child a stuffed animal or baby doll, and they can pretend they are Mommy (or Daddy) and have a “baby” to exercise with just like Mommy!

With Energize & Exercise, most of the exercises can accommodate several children, and it can fit a wide range of ages. The way a child follows the exercises is not as important as the overall concept of “exercising” and the benefit of the child being active and having fun.

What if my child does not fit the age for either of the videos available?
The Exercise With Mommy videos were created to be a series that will eventually span all ages of children from 6 weeks old through 5 years old. Production has only been completed so far on two of the six videos. No target date has been established for release of additional videos, but continue to check back for more videos.

What if I have questions about the videos?
If you have questions, please either email amy@exercisewithmommy.com or call 727-418-4396. Typically, email is the quickest way to get a response, since often I am unavailable by phone but will always return a voicemail when you leave a message!

How long until I receive my video?
Orders are typically shipped First Class mail within 2 business days of receipt of order via the internet. Orders received via mail typically are shipped within 3-5 business days after order is received.

Can I buy a VHS tape of Exercise with Mommy?
Exercise With Mommy videos have only been produced on DVD format. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Will I lose weight doing the Exercise with Mommy videos?
With any exercise program, it all depends on how often you choose to work out, as well as the food choices you make. If you follow the recommended programs for each video along with nutritional plans such as the USDA Food Pyramid, www.mypyramid.gov , you will feel better, see toning and strengthening, an increase in flexibility, and expect either weight loss or weight maintenance.

What is your refund policy?
If there is a problem with your DVD copy, a new copy will be mailed out immediately with a return envelope for the DVD that is defective. If you are unhappy with the quality of the video or are unable to perform the exercises, please contact amy@exercisewithmommy.com for a full refund, excluding shipping and handling, as long as we are notified within 30 days of video order date.